Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Little Progress

So, I have made a little progress since my last post. I have about 6" knit. I want the jacket to hang about 4" below my hips when it is done, so I think that I have about another 8" to knit before I start the arm hole openings. I do want to add a wide stripe of the lighter wool just under that point.

Here it is all stretched out on the front porch.
I have been doing the short row shaping, but at slightly larger intervals than EZ suggests in Knitting Without Tears. I'm doing them every 8 rows. I calculated that that would have the back hang about 2" lower than the front.
I had intended to use EZ's method of closing the gap between short rows, knitting the gap stitch together with the next stich the row or two below, but the knitting is so mindless, then when I came to short rows I wrapped the next stitch, and picked up the wrap when I came back through, so I guess I will stick with that method.
A few couple people have asked to join in today. Welcome Kelly and Gina! Glad to have you with us.

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