Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting Ready

So, Just in the interest of getting this blog going here are the materials I'm starting with. I'm using Cascasde Eco Wool. I bought three skeins for the jacket, the brown and pale beige. The black is left-over from a project I made last winter. I thought I might use it for some trim, but seeing it with the other colours I have decided not to.

I have made up a gauge swatch, but I think I will re-swatch. The 4 sts to the inch I got was probably affected by knitting in the car while my mother was driving (I think her driving was making me tense!) Anyway, I still have to work up the underarm seams, and do the blocking on my Cobblestone Pullover. I guess it should wait until I'm done with that, but I really can't wait to get going!

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