Sunday, October 28, 2007


I'm Marnie. happy to be joining in! I'm nearly finished with a Tomten - the progress photos are on my blog. short version: i'm using Rowan Big Wool at 2.5 st/in so I'm making this by taking EZ's numbers and dividing everything by 2. (the size i would want is specified at 5 st/in by EZ). I also left out the short rows in the back - given the huge yarn it would make a very misshapen garment. as it is right now it fits my baby like a dream. I have one more sleeve and then I have some decisions. I was originally thinking to pick up from the cast-on edge and knit down, creating a bottom that was convertible between legs and a bunting (at which point i would add loads of short rows in the butt). But now I'm thinking to just leave it as it is for a while and see what strikes my fancy later. I think I'll leave off the button band entirely at this point - i can easily pop average-sized buttons through the huge stitches.

After I make this one, I have another planned - one for my 4.5 year old. I'm planning to cast on provisionally and then when I'm finished, pick up and knit down, making it a longer jacket. The reason I plan on knitting down is that I have no idea what length to make it so that my daughter can still run around.

After that, I'm torn between making one for myself (heavily modified to make it better shaped for an adult) or making a Bog Jacket.

Now that I've babbled on and on about my Zimmermann plans for the future... let me close by saying thanks for making this knit-along!


Briley said...

Marnie, I'm psyched you're joining us. I was actually checking out your blog when you posted this. Your children are beautiful. I really want to make a bog jacket, too. Maybe we can move into that KAL when we finish up with the Tomtens.

gerry said...

hey Marnie,

glad to have you here!

i have also been thinking about the bog, but i am leaning toward an adult surprise jacket- if i survuve the tomten ;)

welcome aboard!


curlypurly said...

i've been obsessed with the bog jacket ever since seeing this one:

having just made a baby surprise, I know the adult one is not for me. i need the ability to add a waist and I can't see where that could be done in a surprise jacket.

I think we could safely open up both bog jacket AND surprise (of all sizes) KALs with no trouble.

thanks for starting this one!