Sunday, July 13, 2008

I will return...

Despite the fact that every member of this blog is obviously off knitting other things (hence loooooong Tomten silence) I am declaring, "I will return."  I have two more Tomtens planned and I will be back with photos to prove it!
Here's a photo of the yarn I bought for my husband's Adult Tomten.  I will have to do some serious calculating to get the gauge and number of stitches right.  I had planned on using 10 1/2 needles but it looks like crap so I dropped down to 9.


Briley said...

Amy, I can't wait to see your next Tomten!

gerry said...

i, too, shall return!

i definitely want to have mine finished for this fall/winter- had to put it aside for a while due to a shoulder injury, but am determined to finish!

glad to see you're still with us- knit on!