Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Actually Finished It!

Well, with only sewing up the under arms and re-working the edging to go my tomten was rapidly approaching UFO status, but Tuesday morning I woke up and thought "Today is the last day that jacket is going to sit in the back of the closet!"
So, I pulled it out and decided that double stranding the yarn for the I-cord was the way to go. I think it's worked out quite nicely.
I used matress stitch to finish the under arms. I think it looks nicer on stockinette, but was still a vast improvement on the prior weak attempts at seaming.
The zipper is only partially sewn in at this point, but I should be able to finish that up this weekend, and hopefully soon spring will show it face and the Tomten will get a little use.


Marnie said...

hooray!!! we need an action shot, my friend!

gerry said...

looks great- and i know you'll get a lot of use out of it.

i'm still dreaming of that day when i, too, may declare "I ACTUALLY FINISHED IT!"


Anonymous said...

This looks great! And I agree with Marnie--what does it look like on?

I love it!