Monday, December 10, 2007


I haven't received the buttons I ordered yet, so I've tied a scarf around his neck to hold the hood on. He's in a baby carrier strapped to my chest so the front is staying closed that way. I love the shape of this hood.

I'm thinking about adding a blanket stitch edging in royal blue or purple. I have to see what the buttons look like when they arrive. I love the Rowan Big Wool in garter stitch, and I love the shape of this Tomten. I just halved the numbers EZ specified and skipped the short rows and the jacket is perfect. The sleeve length is great to just unroll and use as mittens.

more photos of the front and back of the hood at my blog.

woohoo! i want to make many more of these.

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gerry said...

looks great, Marnie!

i'm still plodding along on mine (i'll post progress soon)

BTW, re: Declan- my son's favorite color is pink, too- i made him pink mittens last year and he loveed them- the kids loses *everything*, but managed to hold on to that pair of mittens all last winter- he did lose one this year, but i'm good with that- i was thrilled they lasted the winter last year!