Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The infant tomten so far

Finished up the hood and I started working on the sleeves today. I'm not too happy with the way the contrast yarn is lying. Its a lighter weight than the peace fleece I used on the rest. But I think once I finish and block it, it will be ok. I'm hoping I have enough to do a contrasting icord trim.

Anyway onto the pictures:




This is my first ever sweater and its for my newborn nephew. I made it gender neutral (I think anyway) so it can be used on future kiddos too. :)

While I'm posting here, could anyone clue me in on how the icord trim is done? Do I make the icord first then sew it together or is there some way to knit it right to the jacket?

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gerry said...

looks great Marliah!

i-cord borders are mentioned in EZ's "Knitting Around", but i found some instructions online here:

good luck and keep us posted!